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Student Committee

The Baker Student Committee is a student-founded, student-led group of volunteers that seek to strengthen the community and improve the student experience in the Hunter Theatre Department. They plan town halls, parties, and special events  and programs for theatre students. They also meet with faculty and staff to share student perspectives on what is happening in our department.

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Events & Opportunities

Join the Big Sib/Little Sib Program

The Baker Student Committee is also accepting applications to be part of the Big Sib/Little Sib program. In its second year, the Big Sib/Little Sib program pairs new HTD students with continuing ones to give new students a friend to guide them through the ins and outs of Hunter. Applications close Friday, March 18th, 2022.

Events & Opportunities

Current Members


Penelope Deen (she/her) is about to begin her final semester of university as a Women & Gender Studies/Theatre Double Major with a Dance Minor at Hunter College. Penny is a dual citizen of both Canada and America and proudly queer. She made her Off-Broadway debut summer of 2019 as the lead in the internet famous feminist musical Oceanborn. Currently, here at NPTC she working as Project Coordinator for Theatre From the Streets. During the year she works as a Dance Teacher and is an instagram famous, published model. She is also Co-President of the Baker Student Committee, working to improve her school's Theatre Department. Penny is also known for her activism work, mostly in regards to Sexual Assault with her own project called “Save Title IX” & is an official speaker for Jane Doe No More. After school, she hopes to continue to create change through art.

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Nicole Muriel (she/her) is a junior at Hunter College, majoring in Journalism and Theater. She is incredibly excited to be involved on the committee as a senior member, meet new people, and really help students feel like their voices are heard as well as stepping out of her comfort zone more. Nicole is a proud Colombian-American, who loves music, performance, her family and her two guinea pigs. She has previously been in involved in the Zoom performances of Colab Eurydice, Macaulay’s Legally Blonde reading and the short play Roommates in the Loewe Theater during her time in Hunter College. She hopes to get more insight into planning and creating events, specifically in the performance and musical aspect.

Contact Nicole:
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Margaret Moore (she/her) is starting her second semester as a junior transfer at Hunter College after completing an accelerated program at a technical college in South Carolina. Maggie is a theater/history double major and a dance/music double minor; in her free time you can usually find her in a museum or listening/singing new music! She has been dancing and performing since she was young and is now a dance teacher and established choreographer in her dance community down south. She is also involved in feminist and black lives matter movements in North and South Carolina and continues her activism work in the south from her dorm room in NYC. Maggie is thrilled to join the Baker Student Committee as a junior member this year and hopes to create a space where all students feel welcome and wanted. After she graduates she hopes to perform in some capacity before heading to graduate school for history and museum studies.

Contact Maggie:
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Hunter McIlvain (he/they) is a current sophomore at Hunter College and majoring in Theater. He is excited to start his first semester on the committee as a junior member. Previously, Hunter has worked with acting, set construction and painting, stage makeup, costumes, props, and stage managing, hoping to dip a toe in every aspect of theater. By joining the committee, he hopes to create a safe space for everyone and aid the department and theater as a whole in more adventures.

Contact Hunter:
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Allison Cachay Narva (she/her) is a current junior at Hunter College, majoring in Theatre and minoring in Media Studies and English. She is excited to serve as a senior member of the committee and work alongside her peers to build communication among students and make the department a safe space. She has previously worked on costume design for Colab 3.0, and will be returning to design costumes for Hunter’s production of Hamlet, and Ablaze. She plans to pursue theatre education and continue her organizing work to build meaningful connections between NYC’s theatres and public school students.

Contact Allison:
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Jennie Reich Litzky (she/her) is happy to continue on the student committee this year as a senior member! They are a senior studying Theater and Jewish Studies. They are involved in creating meaningful pieces of art, while also exploring different aspects of theater. An interesting fact about Jennie is that her cheese of choice for a grilled cheese is cheddar cheese. Some goals of Jennie for the committee is to help connect students, work on improving the curriculum, and making the theater department an inclusive space. Thanks to all the awesome committee members and the support of Sana and Madison!

Contact Jennie:
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Georgina is a sophomore at Hunter College, studying Theatre and Computer Science. She has worked professionally as a stage manager, lighting designer, and production technician, and her past projects include designing visual elements such as lighting, set pieces, puppets, and props for sensory theatre shows for children. She currently tutors aspiring programmers. Georgina is a trained pianist and harpist and dances Argentine tango in her free time.

Contact Georgina:
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