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Baker Theatre Building Update

Dear Hunter Theatre People,

CUNY just inspected the newly installed ERV units in Baker, the ones they mandated late in the Fall semester. (These are, in simple terms, sophisticated air exchange units.) And I am relieved and delighted to write you that we have the green light to open - to some extent - the Baker Building, starting tomorrow Jan 26th, as below:

Faculty may use their offices. 

The 5th floor administrative offices will be open and occupied. (Come visit!)

Rooms 420, 620, and the Library will be open for classes and other activity. (See below for key information on 420 and 620.)

The lobby lounge area will be open. 

The Library will be open, and can be used for classes, meetings, performances, etc, as well as a library. 

The remaining Baker classrooms will open on a rolling basis over the Spring semester as further ERV units are installed. We have no definite timeline. As they are installed, and the rooms become available, we will move some classes around. Next up for ERV is the 6th floor design studio. 


We have heavily scheduled rooms 420 and 620. So:

The class schedule is in the process of being loaded into CUNY First. It will be posted on the Dept website and in printed form around Baker, so once students are in Baker, they’ll know which room to go to.

Please make sure you know where your class is.

In many cases, there is only a five-minute break between classes in 420 and 620. So it’s essential that classes end on time, including putting stuff away and straightening up for the next class. We’ll all have to work together to make sure these classroom transitions work smoothly.

I thank you all for your patience and general good will. Neither of these are surprising, and they are much appreciated by all.


I’m sure you have questions, but don’t want this email to be too long. Please write to the office with them, of course. 

Take care.  See you in our building. 


Best, Gregory 

Patty & Jay Baker Chair of Theatre Department

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