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The Program
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The Program

Undergraduate students study stage production and the relationship between text and performance. The major requires courses in practical hands on work as well as the study of theoretical, critical and historical approaches to theatre in order to give students an understanding of all aspects of the art form.

Courses include acting, playwriting, directing, history, theory, design production, children’s theatre, creative drama and more. Undergraduates may take graduate courses with special permission. Many students who graduate from the program work as actors, directors, stage managers, and designers. Some of our students continue their creative study in conservatory or MFA programs. Others continue their study in history and theory as MA or PhD students. Graduates who concentrate in developmental drama frequently enter the field as teachers and directors of theatre in education.

The department maintains associations with major theatre institutions. Students have the opportunity for placement as interns and apprentices with various professional groups. Students pursuing a major in theatre must work on theatre productions as part of their requirements for graduation.

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Undergraduate Requirements
Undergraduate Requirements-01.png

Theatre Major

(30 Credits)

THEA 101 & THEA 161


Minor Requirements

Apprenticeships are REQUIRED


Theatre Minor


Honors Project






Theatre majors with at least a 3.0 GPA may propose an honors project in their senior year. This can be either a creative or research project which must equal or exceed the workload of a 300 level class. All projects must include a written component.

Undergraduate Courses



Each semester, students are given the opportunity to work backstage on the departmental production in the form of an apprenticeship. This is comparable to a three-credit class (between 45-90 hours per apprenticeship). In this required assignment, you will be trained and supervised by our department faculty and staff in production areas such as Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Electrics, Stage Management, Running Crew, Board Operation, Ushering, Office Administration, Graphic Design, and Web Design.



Undergraduate Advising

Making your way to graduation can seem daunting. Your adviser is here to help.


Come to us with any questions about your major/minor, internships, transfer credits, honors projects and more. If we don't have the answers, we'll point you to someone who does.

Undergrad Adviser: Deepsikha Chatterjee

Remote advising is available for current students via Navigate. Prospective students should email our adviser for appointments:


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our Undergraduate Theatre Program will be able to:

- Demonstrate a critical and theoretical understanding of the history of and current practices in theatre

-Demonstrate practical competence in one or more of the various components of theatre

- Be able to communicate orally, visually, and/or in writing about theatre

- Be able to analyze dramatic texts and productions

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