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The Baker Theatre Building is open in a limited capacity starting on Wednesday, January 26th. 


Baker Theatre Building

Thanks to the generosity of Patty and Jay Baker, we are the only theatre department in New York City with it's own building. Located right on campus, the Baker Theatre Building holds over 20 classrooms, six acting studios, a computer lab, sound design room, screening room, and a library with thousands of scripts and books on theatre. The library also converts into a performance space for student-generated-work.

Our address is:

151 East 67th Street

New York, NY 11103

The Baker Theatre Building is open Mondays-Fridays 8am-10:30pm. If you would like to have the building open on a weekend, click here to submit a request.

The following resources are available to theater majors and minors:

  • 20 dedicated theatre classrooms

  • 5 acting studios

  • Over 10 rehearsal rooms

  • A maker's room with a craft area, workstations and shelves for student-generated design projects

  • A computer lab equipped with Vectorworks, Photoshop, SketchUp and Pro-Tools (for design class students only)

  • A sound design room with recording equipment and Pro-Tools

  • The Marvin Seiger Theatre Library with hundred of plays, books and theatre journals​

  • A basement screening room with over 100 DVDs and VHS tapes, an apple TV equipped with Netflix and couches for comfort.

  • Student lockers for you to store heavy textbooks overnight

Are you a prospective student? E-mail us to get a tour!

Baker Theatre Building


Frederick Loewe Theatre

The Frederick Loewe Theatre is a 50' x 54' black box performance space where most of the Theatre Department's productions are rehearsed, built, and staged. Located on the first floor of the landmark building named for Thomas Hunter, it was beautifully renovated in 1998 and is extremely flexible and intimate.

Loewe Theatre


Marvin Seiger Theatre Library

The Marvin Seiger Theatre Library is located in the basement of the Baker Theatre Building.

Our collection contains playscripts, critical essays, anthologies, and more. Thanks to a generous donation, in 2014 we added 1500 volumes from the library of theatre and film critic Stanley Kauffmann.

The library also converts into a performance space for student-generated-work. Past student productions have included: staged readings, playwriting festivals, cabarets, and workshops.

Marvin Seiger Theatre Library


Rehearsal & Performance Spaces

We offer a number of rehearsal & performance spaces to our students, faculty, & alumni. The following spaces are available for reservation:

Baker Theatre Buildin Room 620


Baker Theatre Building Room 620


  • Acting Studio

  • 876 square feet

  • Open prop closet

  • Capacity: 45 persons


Baker Theatre Building Room 420


  • Acting Studio

  • 812 square feet

  • Props available

  • Capacity: 40 persons

Currently Unavailable


Baker Theatre Building Room 430


  • Acting Studio

  • 656 square feet

  • Props available

  • Capacity: 35 persons


Goldberg Studio Hunter North 537


  • Acting Studio

  • 50-seat flexible space

  • Props available

  • Light & Sound Board

Currently Unavailable


Marvin Seiger Theatre Library


  • Available for performances

  • Can seat up to 70 people

Rehearsal Rooms

Space Requests

Reserve a space to rehearse or book a performance space below. Please note that your production must be approved before you can book a performance space. E-mail our head of production and tell him more about the show you'd like to produce.

Food and drinks are not permitted in classrooms, acting studios, labs, the screening room or the library.

Reserve a Room​

If you would like to reserve a specific room for rehearsals or a performance, submit a request below.

Who Can Submit

  • Theatre Majors & Minors

  • Theatre Faculty & Staff

  • Theatre Alumni - We give priority to current students and faculty, so we recommend that alumni make requests during the winter and summer sessions, as space is limited during the school year.

Reservation Policy

  • Include specific dates and times for your request. We will not be able to make reservations without that information.

  • Students can request a space for up to 3 hours. If this is for a student production, you may request more time.

  • Rehearsal spaces can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

  • Submit at least 48 hours in advance of when you would like to reserve the space.

  • No food or drinks allowed in any rehearsal spaces

  • After you are done, reset the room as you found it

  • If you have non-hunter students attending your rehearsals, they will need to be approved by the department in order to get them on the security list. Be sure to include that in your submission.

  • If you submit for a performance space, we will need to confirm with our head of production before we can reserve the space for you.

  • Alumni who would like to request an ongoing rehearsal space (any request for more than two days) will need to fill out an occupancy agreement and submit a $500 damage deposit.



Check our live calendars to see if the space you want is available!

BTB 620 | BTB 420 | HN 537 | Library | BTB 430

Submit a Request

Thanks for submitting!

Would you like to rehearse or host a performance on the weekend? Submit a request, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

We accept requests for...

  • Department events

  • Student productions

  • Class rehearsals and performances

  • Theater major personal projects


  • You must be a theatre major or faculty member to submit a request

  • Submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance

  • No food in the space unless given department permission

Weekend Requests
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Weekend Requests
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