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Past Festivals

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2022 Hunter Playwrights Festival


2021 Hunter Playwrights Festival

Monday, May 3
Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams Clams
by Ella Boureau


Directed by Dominique Rider

Featuring: Anita Abdinezhad,

Amara James Aja, Jess Barbagallo, Gabrielle Beans, and Jasmin Walker 

Tuesday, May 4
Homesick, Or Sacred Heterosexual Spaces
by Ryan Drake


Directed by Aneesha Kudtarkar 


Featuring: Heidi Armbruster, Alex Gibson, Yaron Lotan, Keilly McQuail, David T. Patterson, Victoria Nassif, Maryann Plunkett, and Jay O. Sanders

Wednesday, May 5
Bells Like Hooves
by Liz Appel

Directed by Knud Adams

Featuring: Kai Heath, Keren Lugo, Rachel McAplin, and Emily McDonnell

Thursday, May 6
My Ajax
by Chris Harder

Directed by Jackson Gay

Featuring: Andrew R. Butler,

Paul Iacono, Nicholas Gorham, Alex Hurt, Patrick Kerr, Tanya Marquardt, Pixel, Trevor Salter, and Jack Waters

Friday, May 7
Yellow Dream$
by Liqing Xu


Directed by Eric Ting

Featuring the Song “Kathy’s First Day” Composed by John Carroll, Performed by Tiana Jung

Featuring: Martha Brigham, James Chen, Catherine Curtain, James Davis, Daniel K. Isaac, Dean Linnard, Ryan McCarthy, and Shannon Tyo

2021 Hunter MFA Reading Series


The Hunter MFA Reading Series features new full-length works by Hunter’s first year students. 

Monday, May 10

Lotus Land

by Maya Lawson

Directed by Annie Tippe


Wednesday, May 12  

the cat problem

by Zoe Lasden-Lyman

Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh


Friday, May 14 

Emergency Wine and Cheese Fundraiser

of the Amagansett Democrats' Association

by Jesse Jae Hoon

Directed by Chay Yew


Wednesday, May 19 

Alcestis 2020

by Garrett Zuercher

Directed by Mike Donahue


Thursday, May 20 

Assisted Living

by Jamie Rubenstein

Directed by Carolyn Cantor

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