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Where is the Baker Building and when is it open?


The Baker Building is located around the corner from the East Building on 67th street between Lexington and 3rd ave on the north side of the street. Having trouble finding us? Stand by the precinct and look for our purple flag. Our address is:

Baker Theatre Building

151 East 67th Street

New York, NY 10065

The building is open Monday - Friday 8am-10:30pm.

What is the Baker Theatre Building and what different facilities does it have?


The Baker Theatre Building is the newly renovated theatre building named for Patty and Jay Baker. Is it located one block from the main campus at 151 East 67th Street between Lexington and 3rd avenue. Thanks to a generous gift from Patty and Jay Baker, theatre students now have access to:

  • 20 dedicated theatre classrooms

  • 5 acting studios

  • Over 10 rehearsal rooms

  • A maker's room with a craft area, workstations and shelves for student-generated design projects

  • A computer lab equipped with Vectorworks, Photoshop, SketchUp and Pro-Tools (for design class students only)

  • A sound design room with recording equipment and Pro-Tools

  • The Marvin Seiger Theatre Library with hundred of plays, books and theatre journals

  • A basement screening room with over 100 DVDs and VHS tapes, an apple TV equipped with Netflix and couches for comfort.

  • Student lockers for you to store heavy textbooks overnight

We are the only theater department in New York City with its own building.

E-mail us to get a tour!

How do I request a rehearsal room?


The Baker Building has an open door policy, meaning that if no class or rehearsal is scheduled, you are welcome to use any of the classrooms to rehearse, study, finish homework, or just relax. Please note that priority is given to students who need to rehearse for a theater course. During midterms and finals season, the rooms can get crowded, and you may be asked to leave if you're not rehearsing.

If you want to rehearse in a specific room, submit a request here. We will answer you in 1-2 days. 

Please be aware that all requests are subject to availability. We give priority to department workshops, events and rehearsals, acting class students, theater club rehearsals and events, student productions and personal projects, faculty and alumni requests.

Can I request a performance space for a personal project?


Yes, students are encouraged to take advantage of the building and use it for their own work, as well as department productions.

We offer the following spaces free of charge to students:

  • Goldberg Studio - 50 seat black box theater for student-generated-work.

  • The Marvin Seiger Library - converts into an 80 seat performance space for student productions

  • BTB 620 & 420 - located on the 6th and 4th floor of the Baker Theatre Building, these acting studios are great for more intimate staged readings

Click here to submit a request.

Is the Baker Building open on weekends?


No, the Baker Building is not open on weekends, but you can request to have it stay open for rehearsals or events. Click here to submit a request.

The Public Safety Department needs at least two weeks notice to staff and fund weekend requests, so be sure to plan ahead. We cannot process requests that are less than two weeks away.

What is in the screening room? Where is it?

Our faculty have generously donated from their personal collections of film, theater and television. Never seen Casablanca? Or maybe you want to finally see Marlon Brando in a Streetcar Named Desire. Maybe that huge gap in your schedule is a good thing. Spend your breaks watching the classics or catch a quick episode on Netflix between classes.

Here's a quick overview of our collection:

  • 40 VHS tapes of classic theatre performances

  • 80 DVDs ranging from classic cinema to the latest network TV shows

  • Apple TV with a department Netflix account

In order to make the screening room as accessible as possible, we keep it unlocked. The room is under video surveillance to prevent theft, but if too much goes missing, this policy will be subject to change.


The screening room is located in the basement of the Baker Theatre Building, around the corner from the Library.

How do I get access to the screening room?


The screening room is open all day during the fall and spring semesters. You can use it anytime the building is open. If you would like to use the Apple TV, you will need to get the apple remote from the department office. We just ask that you leave your student ID. When you return the remote, we will return your ID.

If you have an iPhone, you can use that as a remote for the Apple TV. Click here to see how to set it up.

How do I get a locker?

Lockers are a great place to store those massive textbooks, and it wouldn't be a theatre locker without some props and costumes smooshed in there. We only have 40 lockers, so you must be a declared theatre major to get one.

Already a theatre major? Just visit the department office on the 5th floor of the Baker Theater Building (room with the red door), and let us know you'd like a locker. If one is free, we'll give you a key right then and there.

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