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Student Productions

Students are encouraged to create and present their own work through an application process that provides space, faculty support, and funding.

Performing Arts Student Activity Fund Grant

Students can create and present their own work with the support of the SAF Performing Arts Fund, which provides space, faculty support, and funding for eligible theatre projects. Awards are usually in the $1000 range and can be used to pay for royalties, production materials, and technical support.

At the beginning of each academic year the Hunter College Performing Arts Office accepts online applications for individual student projects in the performing arts for the upcoming fall and spring semester. Grants are in the $1000 range and can be used to produce a play, project, or to bring in a guest artist to offer workshops or master classes. Other ideas will be considered, but projects must take place at Hunter College and offered free to the community. Students interested in submitting a proposal should choose and work with a faculty member who will be the project adviser to develop the written project proposal. 

In the past these projects have included both published plays and original works such as one-person/solo shows, musicals, one-acts, cabarets, site-specific works, found text projects, and new scripts that are developed/performed with student directors, actors, and designers.

Click here for more information.

Student Production Fund

The Hunter Theatre Department is offering grants of $750 to students looking to put on their own productions during the course of the year. In order to be considered for the grant, you must submit a proposal that includes:

  1. Script - At least two copies of the play

  2. Personnel -  Who has agreed to work on the production with you and in what capacity?

  3. Budget - An estimated budget for the production

  4. Space - A plan for where rehearsals and performances will take place

  5. Schedule - A schedule for the rehearsal and performance process, as well as any production calendars you have

  6. Funding - Please let us know if you have other sources of funding

Proposals will be reviewed and awarded by the faculty. If you have any questions, stop by the office or e-mail us. You can hand in your proposal in person upload it below!

**Please note that if you receive a grant, we require a post-show wrap-up in writing that consists of: final budget (with receipts) & attendance records

Submit a Proposal

Add a File

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Theatre Club

The Hunter Theatre Company (HTC) is a student run club that offers support and funding for student productions, workshops, and festivals. Click here to find out more about them

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