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Are you theatre-curious? Our department has opportunities for writers, actors, designers, producers, stage managers, and more.


The skills you learn as a theatre major are easily transferable to any professional arena.

Public Speaking

We've all experienced long boring training sessions and corporate presentations. Individuals who can stand up confidently in front of a group of people and effectively communicate their message are rare. You could be one of them.

Leadership Skills


As a theatre student, you have many opportunities to assume leadership roles. You may work on productions as an assistant director, stage manager, costume, lighting, or set designer. You can even design or direct a production yourself. In the nurturing environment of theatre, faculty help you learn from mistakes, so you can become an effective leader.

Project Management

A stage production is essentially a business project. You have groups of people making up one team working to successfully accomplish a task on time and on budget. Standing at the helm of a theatrical production is a project management practicum.

Other Skills Include


Creative Problem Solving

Organizational Skills

Strong Writing Ability

Time Management



Stage Presence

Poise Under Pressure


Set the stage with a double major in theatre. Hunter requires 120 credits to graduate. Since most majors are no more than 30 credits, double majoring is a no-brainer.

Film & Television

The worlds of film, television and theatre often overlap, making theatre a great complement to a film or media studies major. Here are some film & media professionals who also work in theatre:

Tina Fey

creator of

30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Rolin Jones

writer/producer of

Boardwalk Empire and Weeds

Stephen Adly Guirgis

creator/producer of The Get Down

Aaron Sorkin

writer/producer/creator of

The West Wing and The News Room


Interested in musical theatre? A double major in theatre and music is a great option for you. Hone your acting ,while perfecting your vocals with this double major, or study music theory and composition and write the next great American musical.


Many of our students study both theatre and dance. You can not only perfect your own steps but learn how to become a choreographer.

Theatre isn't just for actors. Our department also offers opportunities for:


We offer a number of playwriting and play analysis courses where you can discover, discuss and explore the craft of storytelling. Our Marvin Seiger Library puts hundreds of plays at your fingertips and converts to a performance space for student-generated-work.

Set Designers

We offer a number of classes where you can learn the fundamentals of design for theatre, film and television, as well as set design for plays, musicals, ballets, opera and scene painting. Our scene shop takes on a work-study each semester. You can also get hands-on experience as a set designer in club shows and other student productions. 

Lighting Designers

Our lighting design course teaches students the principles and practice of lighting for theatre, film, and television. You can get hands on experience as an assistant lighting designer in our department shows, club shows, and student productions.


Directing 1 & 2 allow you to work hands-on with actors and culminates with a directing showcase at the end of the semester. An assistant director is also chosen for each department production. This student works alongside a seasoned director for the run of the show.

Costume Designers

Costume Design I is designed for students who want a more intensive study of costumes and the psychology of clothing. Students develop designs through character analysis, period research, and the directorial concept. Our costume shop also takes on one assistant costume designer to help with that semester's show.


Stage Managers

Aspiring stage managers can work as an assistant to a professional during our department show. The theatre club also produces three or four shows a year, all of which require stage managers.


Not sure how you fit into the world of theatre? Here's a quick list of jobs at New York City theaters.




Stage Manager

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Set Designer


Costume Designer

Costume Shop Manager


Artistic Director

Executive Director

General Manager

Director of Development

Director of Marketing

Director of Finance

Arts Administrator

Casting Director

Technical Director

Props Master

House Manager

Studio Manager

Literary Manager

Production Coordinator

Payroll Manager

Staff Accountant

Makeup Artist

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