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Cast & Crew

How do you know who to trust when the stakes are high? 

-Barbara Bosch, Director


Paul Chernosky
Morten Kil


Paul Chernosky was a dancer and musical theater performer, including a National tour of “Hello Dolly,” “Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular,” and a European Tour of “42nd St.” He also acted in multiple musicals. Currently, Paul is a teacher and choreographer with Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and is in Hunter College’s MFA Integrated Media Arts Program. Since being at Hunter, along with taking acting and directing classes, he’s acted in The Co Lab and The Director’s Showcase. Paul is very happy to be a part of “An Enemy Of The People.





Mahad Rahman

Mahad Rahman is currently an undergraduate student at Hunter majoring in Psychology. He enjoys many things but writing bios is not one of them.

Dawn Ressy headshot.JPG

Dawn Ressy
Mrs. Stockmann

Dawn is thrilled to portray Mrs. Stockmann, the real voice of reason, in HTC’s timely Spring 2023 production of Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People. Dawn is a theatre major and has appeared in several productions; most recently as Jessie in the Fall 2022 production of SWEAT by Lynn Nottage.

SebH (1).jpeg

Sebastian Harris
Mayor Peter Stockmann

Sebastian Harris is a Freshman BA Music Major in Voice training for a career in classical, musical theatre, and worship music. He is a NYC high school arts educator with Park Avenue Armory and a certified ballroom dance instructor with Arthur Murray International. For more info:


Jake Levy

Jake levy (hovstad) is an undergrad in his fourth year at hunter, majoring in psychology and jewish studies. You may have seen him last year in the production of hamlet as Rosencrantz. Jake would like to thank his cast mates, the crew and hope you enjoy the show!

Tristan McQueen Headshot.jpg

Tristan McQueen
Dr. Stockmann

I am 24 years old and a transfer student. As a child, I got into acting when I saw Heath Ledger mold himself into his role for The Dark Knight, which fascinated me. I enjoy doing background work in productions such as Joker and Power Book III.

anne lily (2).jpeg

Annie Kump
Ilsa (Ejlif) & Marta

Anne Lily (Annie), a recent graduate of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School, is so excited she gets to continue her love for theatre through this production. Also having done a movie and background work on the side, this won’t be the last you see of her. 

Chris Bisram (2).jpg

Christopher Bisram
Mortan & Gunner

An Indo-Caribbean interdisciplinary artist with a central focus on dance and theater. Through their practice, they explore grief and trauma. They prefer to work with spaces we may not think of when we think of performance, such as beaches, sidewalks, and abandoned areas. .

Edison Santacruz
Captain Horster

Edison Santacruz is pleased with the opportunity to play Captain Horster in the spring production of “Enemy of the People.” He is a sophomore majoring in computer science at CUNY Hunter College. He enjoys studying foreign languages and creative writing. In high school he played Seymour Krelborn in “Little Shop of Horrors” and The Baker in “Into the Woods.”


Chiquita Wilder

Chiquita is in her third semester, and thrilled to return for her third departmental mainstage. 2022-23 Recipient: Patty & Jay Baker Fellowship, Vera Mowry Roberts Fellowship. Training: HB Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade NY/LA. Hunter Theatre Mainstage: SWEAT (Newscaster/Ens. - dir. Adrienne D. Williams), HAMLET (Ophelia - dir. Gregory Mosher). @chicawilder

carmel (1).jpg

Carmel Lotan

After two leading roles in successful Israeli TV shows, Carmel has decided to broaden her horizons and study acting in New York. She graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and her first play, ‘Smartphone Love’, got selected into the final list of- “The Downtown Urban Arts Festival” and “The Chain- One Act Festival”.


Timmy Daniels

Timmy is a standup comedian & final-semester Senior (Theatre). He holds an AS in Theater - BMCC (Honors) & AA from LCC - Graphic Design (Magna Cum Laude).  He graduated the accredited comedy school: UCB (Advanced Study program) & has starred in over a dozen plays including Hamlet & Sweat.

Enemy - Chiquita Wilder Photo (1).jpg

Omar Campbell-Avila

Omar Campbell (he/him) is a transfer junior at Hunter College majoring in Theatre and this is his first project with HTD. He enjoys music and writing and is excited to be a part of An Enemy of the People!

omar (1).jpeg
O'Connor Read

Rachael O'Connor 

Rachael is thrilled to be participating in this production of An Enemy Of The People. Training: Hunter College, William Esper Studio, The School of Russian Art Theatre at Barnard College.


Urunne Naana

Urunne Naana is currently a sophomore at Hunter majoring in biochemistry & theatre. Enemy of the People is her first play but she hopes to be a part of more productions soon! She is excited to work with such an amazing crew and thanks her family/ friends for their support.


Sammi Jones

Sammi Jones (she/they) is a Freshman at Hunter College double majoring in Music and Theatre, and this is their third project with the HTD. Sammi is very excited to be a part of An Enemy of the People and cannot wait to share it with everyone!

urunne (5).heic
Rachael (1).jpeg
jeff (1).png

Jeffrey Zhang

Somehow always lost in the background, Jeffrey Zhang is a lifelong New Yorker and an English major with a passion for writing, singing, acting, drawing, and reading— in no particular order. This production is one of his final opportunities at participating in theatre in college before graduating this year.

Roa Pena
sebR (1).jpeg

Sebastian Roa 

Sebastian Roa is a bilingual Latin actor double majoring in Economics and Theatre. Sebastian knew he had to purse his passion of becoming an actor by performing in countless plays and musicals in high school and college.

He moved to NY from Florida because he believes that with hard work and dedication, every dream is attainable.


Charles Cohen
Assistant Technical Director


Thomas Hagopian

Thomas Hagopian is an Upper Sophomore and Theatre Major at Hunter College. This is his dramaturgical debut. He previously attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has performed in many plays in the past but has now shifted his sights on Dramaturgy by combining his love for Theatre and History. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Ethan Hernandez
Lead Costume Designer

Ethan Hernandez is a graduating senior with a major concentration in Theatre and a minor concentration in Classical Studies. He is a published writer. Specializing in topics of philosophy, horror, life, love, meditations of self-reflection, and fantasy. Ethan runs a professional spiritual consultation business in his free time.

Jack Jewell
Lighting Assistant


Christopher Lim
Assistant Stage Manager

Christopher Lim is a freshman in the Macaulay Honors program and is delighted to work on his second HTD show. Thank you to everyone involved in the show! Especially Tobie who is the best boss and extremely competent.


Shelby Lembeck
Costume Assistant


Stephanie Renoj Lopez
Assistant Costume Designer

Stephanie is a junior double majoring in Theater and Psychology. For her major in theater, she is working upon the completion of her apprenticeships, and for her major in psychology, she is currently a teacher assistant and tutor for statistics. She enjoys spending her time at the costume shop and wishes to continuously gain costume designing, seamstress, and wardrobe experience throughout her years at Hunter College. She is extremely grateful to those who have contributed to her growth of knowledge, all the amazing friends she's friends made, and all the opportunities she has been given. Her interest in fashion would most likely not have sparked if it were not for her admiration towards Harry Styles and her tendency in trying to recreate some of his outfits. 


Marlon Moncrieffe
Assistant Director

Marlon Moncrieffe (Assistant Director) is both a student in the Master of Arts in Theater program at Hunter College and a ranked specialist in the United States Army Reserve. Past theater credits atHunter include Water by the Spoonful and Eurydice onstage and Antigone and Hughie offstage. INSTAGRAM: @MarlonMoncrieffe0728


Kira Ricarte
Lighting Assistant/Poster Design

I'm passionate about theatre making, and I have worn many hats over the past few years. I have been a set designer, lighting designer apprentice, costume designer, actor, director, and now budding playwright and graphic designer. I plan to gain more experience in the future.

My favorite hobbies are writing stories, drawing, reading, listening to music, and watching vintage fashion videos on Youtube.


Pauline Zhang
Lighting Assistant


Special Thanks to the Theatre Production Class 

For their dedication and creative energy in helping to bring An Enemy of the People to life, the production team would like to extend a special thanks to the students in THEA251 Theatre Production, and the Theatre students working on their Apprenticeships this semester:

Joi-Elle Arnell, Omar Campbell-Avila, Nolan Donohue, Edlynn Emile, Kamila Espinosa, Romy Faucher Mayhew, Maeve Harkin, Amy He He, Eleanor Jordan, Saif Khan, Alioune Sane, Kira Viera, Odeta Zeka, Sumayya Ahmed, Briana Aponte, Aziz Booker, Ariana Campbell, Tanner Hurley, Shelby Lembeck, Ariel Lewis, Haley Lopes, Tiffany Munoz, Joel Simmons, Dawn Ressy, Pedro Vierre, Chiquita Wilder, and Julia Winer.


Jessica Lauricello
Board Operator


We Hope You Enjoy the show!

Edison Santacruz Update (1).jpg

Tanner Hurley
Wardrobe Assistant

Tanner is a Theatre major and English Literature minor at Hunter. With 10 years of theatre experience, she is equally at home behind the scenes as well as onstage. Tanner is ecstatic to be a part of production team as Wardrobe Assistant.

Haley Lopes
Wardrobe Assistant

Haley is a senior at Hunter studying Theatre and Political Science. She loves to perform, and also finds herself enjoying her time backstage to learn as much as she can. This is the third show she has been involved in at Hunter and she is ecstatic to be a part of it!


Pedro Vierre

Pedro was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He's the lead role

upcoming Águas de Março short film. He's currently acting in the student adaptation of Pinter's Party Time. Pedro studies at Hunter as a Theatre major, as well as training with the Barrow Group.

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