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Financial Aid

Get a first-rate theatre education at an affordable price. With the financial aid opportunities available, you don't have to go into debt to get your degree.

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The Robert LoBianco Scholarship

The Hunter College Department of Theatre awards $2500 Robert LoBianco scholarships to undergraduate theatre majors who demonstrate academic merit and need. The scholarship was established by Bob’s family in 1991 to honor the memory of his theatre work at Hunter College.

Outstanding theatre majors with a minimum 3.0 grade average and 45 credits of Hunter coursework completed outside the Theatre Department may apply for the Robert LoBianco undergraduate scholarship. Two $2,500 LoBianco scholarship grants are awarded each year.

The Robert LoBianco Scholarship

The Patty & Jay Baker Theatre Fund

Through the extraordinary gift of Patty and Jay Baker, the Baker Fund will support undergraduate Theatre Majors through the following initiatives: Student Internships—to work with professional theatre companies; the Baker Fellows—to support selected students working backstage on departmental productions; Visiting Artists/Guest Speakers—inviting professionals to speak with students on working in the Theatre; the Baker Production Fund—to support theatre productions between semesters, and Theatre Tickets Funds—for our students to attend shows from Broadway to Bushwick.

The Patty & Jay Baker Theatre Fund

The Loewe Internship Award

Thanks to the generosity of Emily Altman and the Frederick R. Loewe Foundation, Hunter Theatre students and recent alumni are now being paid to work as interns with theaters across the city.

We pay theatre majors $20/hr for their work at unpaid internships. Awards range from $1000-$3000 per student.

The Loewe Internship Award

Other Awards

A number of other awards, generally in the $150/$250 range, are also given to Theatre majors who excel in particular areas such as:

Theatre History
Vera M. Roberts Award

Charles Elson Award

Tyrone Guthrie Award

Walter Prichard Eaton Award

John Gassner Award

Theatre Workshop Award

Other Awards
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