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The Baker Student Committee is a student-founded, student-led group of volunteers that seek to strengthen the community and improve the student experience in the Hunter Theatre Department.


They plan town halls, parties, and special events  and programs for theatre students. They meet with faculty and staff to share student perspectives on what is happening in our department.


Voting begins Wednesday, December 9th and end Friday, December 18th at 11:45pm.

Register to vote below!

Processing will take at least 24 hours.




Once your registration is processed, we will email you with a link to vote.

Not sure who to vote for? Meet the candidates below!



Sara Brians (she/her)

Undergrad, Senior

Sara Brians is a NYC based director, choreographer, educator and perpetual student, with over 20 years of experience working as a performer and creative in many academic, regional and Broadway spaces. The silver lining of the pandemic is that she now has time to dedicate to finishing her undergraduate degree at Hunter College. Although theatre is her first love and she has no plans to change careers, she is deeply interested in how people tell stories through many lenses. Thus, she is majoring in Cultural Anthropology, with minors in Women & Gender Studies and Theatre, and hopes to graduate in the Spring of 2021.


Allison Cachay Narva (she/her)

Undergrad, Sophomore


My name is Allison Cachay Narva and I am a current sophomore at Hunter. During the pandemic, it has become increasingly clear to me that finding community is essential to get through moments like these. Hunter Theatre has become my safe space throughout the insanity of this year, and so many more students deserve to have this same experience. I hope to use my previous experience in theatre education departments to collaborate with the Baker Student Committee to further the excellent work they have been doing so far. By building connections with faculty, organizations across New York City, and students of all involvement levels, Hunter Theatre can move further in their goal to be a community of support, accessibility and career readiness.

SC Choudry.png

Labiba Choudhury (she/her)

Undergrad, Sophomore


I am an undergraduate student at Hunter College majoring in English and Education. I am passionate about helping those who feel as though they don’t have a voice find their voice in all aspects of my life. The theater community at Hunter helped me find my voice and my people so I would be honored to pay that forward by being involved in any way I can. Given the opportunity, I will work hard to help make everyone feel heard and welcomed just as I felt when I became involved in theater.

Laurel Cutler (she/her)

Undergrad, Junior

I am a junior in the Theater major at Hunter, hoping to go into theater management after graduation. I changed my major to Theater as a sophomore and I have never been happier. I am passionate about theater and I want to help my fellow students have the best experience they can have in the major, in any way I can!

SC Cutler.png
SC Garcia.png

Carlos Garcia (he/him they/them)

Graduate, MA in Theatre

The MA Theatre Program is in jeopardy of being suspended, as a member of the Baker Student Committee it would  be my goal to kick-start events circled around the students in the program, and incite interest in those studying Theatre at Hunter as an undergrad to pursue the degree program in the future. I would also like to promote a strong relationship between MA students and the faculty, to ensure a bright future for the program itself. As a side note, I'm really into anime and video games, and if you say my name 3 times I actually appear, go on, give it a try, I'll wait! Yes that's a photo of me memorizing a script in a bathtub.

SC Muriel.png

Nicole Muriel (she/her)

Undergraduate, Sophomore

I am currently a sophomore at Hunter College and have just started really getting into the Baker Theater Department and what it does. I want to learn about the Department, meet other students, and hear them out on what they feel is missing and what could be done better. I'd also love to hear out what we could do to benefit or help them out, especially in this uncertain time where we all seem to be very lost and unsure of what to do. I also want to especially hear out students of color and make sure their voices are also heard, as well as making sure they don't feel left out or as if there's not enough being done to make them feel seen and included.

SC Martinez.png

Joshua Martinez (he/him)

Undergrad, Senior


My name is Joshua Martinez (he/him), and I am a senior at Hunter College majoring in theatre. I believe I can serve the student committee particularly well, as I enjoy listening to others to gain perspective. Our job at the student committee is to do just that - listen to communicate any successes or concerns within our department in hopes of facilitating greater communication between students and faculty. I see this opportunity to be of mutual benefit to the department and myself because as I become of service to our department, I'll also be exerting myself to talk to others when I’d much rather stay hidden in the background. At first, I did not want to participate in these upcoming elections, but as someone aiming to develop the courage to fail I must and so thank you Brad for the nomination.

SC Nowik.png

Sarah Nowik (she/her)

Undergrad, Freshman

Sarah Nowik (she/her) is a current freshman at Hunter College double majoring in Theatre and Media Studies. If she were to be elected onto the Bake Student Committee, her hope would be to contribute (in addition to that lovely smile) her insights on the female and LGBT+ experience to diversify the Hunter Theatre department. While being willing to listen to peoples' different perspectives, she is also unafraid to speak out when she sees something wrong or ignorant. Additionally, Sarah is also a native Spanish speaker and is currently learning how to shred it on the harmonica.

SC Walker.png

Brandon Walker (they/them)

Undergrad, Senior

Brandon Walker (they/them) is a working actor, director, playwright, designer, and producer in NYC, also serving as Producing Artistic Director of The Seeing Place Theater since 2009. Recent work includes Sound Design for the Goldberg production of Eurydice in Co-Lab at Hunter College, where Brandon is currently a senior, theatre major, and proud McNair Scholar - hoping to pursue graduate studies in the Fall of 2021. More info is available at


I feel I should be included on the Baker Student Committee because I'm introspective and outspoken, and I tend to share my ideas with the educators anyway. I'd love the opportunity to brainstorm in a more collective atmosphere and to better understand the pressures of academia and the innerworkings of the department.

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